iPort/LAN Device Discovery v1.7.22.0
MCC Windows iPort/LAN Device Discovery Utility v1.7.22.0

This utility supports MCC's iPort/LAN I2C Bus adapter network configuration when Static IP addressing is required. For more information, see iPort/LAN Network Configuration.


Supported MCC I2C Bus host adapters include:

  • iPort/LAN 2 (#MIIC-210)
  • iPort/LAN (#MIIC-205)
Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows XP (x86), Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (x86/x64).
Corrections, Enhancements, and New Features:
  • None.
    This copyrighted product update is offered free of charge to users of MCC I2C Bus host adapters. Its use is covered by the MCC End User License Agreement.
Download and Installation Instructions:

NOTE: MCC recommends that you leave older versions of driver files on your system. Other devices on your system may reference older versions of drivers and may stop functioning correctly if the driver files are removed. 

  1. BEFORE YOU BEGIN: If you have questions about installing a network device, see your network administration for instructions. Additional information is available in the Network Configuration Guide.
  2. If a DHCP dynamic IP address server is available on your network, and Static IP addressing is not required, you can proceed to the iPort/LAN Virtual ComPort Driver Installer.
  3. Administrative Privilege Required.
  4. Download and save-as the ZIP file into a folder.
  5. Right-Click the downloaded ZIP file and Extract All (Uncompress).
  6. Plug the MCC iPort/LAN adapter into a network hub with a standard cable, or directly into your PC network port using a cross-over cable..
  7. Open the extracted folder and double-click iPortLAN-DeviceDiscovery.exe.
  8. Select the iPort/LAN device and click Device Tasks, Configure Network Settings.
  9. If the iPort/LAN is not detected, see iPort/LAN Network Configuration for assistance.
  10. Before proceeding, you should discuss iPort/LAN network configuration settings (Static IP address, subnet mask, etc.) with your network administrator.
  11. Select "Manual Configure Network Settings", and enter network settings.
  12. Click Save to update iPort/LAN network settings.
  13. Close the Device Discovery Utility.
  14. Proceed to the iPort/LAN Virtual ComPort Driver Installer.
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