Multi-Channel I2C Bus Multiplexer Cabinet

I2C Bus Device Addressing Conflicts? Product Testing Problems? We have the solution.

Our I2C Bus Multiplexer Cabinet is a multi-channel I2C Bus interface cabinet capable of delivering up to 32 independent and multiplexed I2C Bus channels. 

The cabinet consists of one or more Host Computer Interfaces (USB, RS-232, or Ethernet), one or more I2C Bus Multiplexer Boards (#IP-201), power supply, power switch, power lamp, I2C Bus indicator lamps, and interconnecting cabling. All assembled into a single 19-inch 3U high rack mount cabinet.

    Key Features:

    Up to 32 separate I2C Buses.
    USB, RS-232, or Ethernet Host Computer Interface.
    Industrial grade 19-inch cabinet.
    3.3v and 5v pull-up options.
    Front panel status display.
    Includes 120v / 240v external global power supply.
    Custom configurations available.

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