I2C Bus/SMBus Monitor with Software Kit
USB Interface: Part Number #MIIC-101KGU
Developers working with the I2C Bus and other derived bus protocols, no longer need to guess at bus traffic. In addition to seeing Smart Battery System messages in engineering units, this hardware/software package includes our MIIC-101 I2C Bus/SMBus monitor and analyzer software, and supports a variety of message filtering, message timing, data display formats, and logging options.

Pop-up tools include Slave Address filtering, Message Data filtering, Slave Address Aliasing, and smart battery filter. Our I2C Bus Address Map allows you to monitor any combination of Read/Write/Ack/Nack of bus slave addresses, and bus activity of the entire 7-bit I2C Bus address space. Use our Message Data filter to display messages that match (good data), or not-match (bad data), data patterns. Assign user-friendly slave device names with our Slave Address Aliasing tool.

(Discontinued - CALL)


New for Release 3

  • USB Host Computer Interface
  • Slave Address Read/Write/Ack/Nack Display Filter
  • Message Data Match/No-Match Display Filter
  • Smart battery V1.0/1.1 with PEC Support
  • Smart battery Error/Warning/Data-Violation Display Filter
  • Message Start Timestamp with Absolute/Relative/Date+Time Display
  • Message Display Recording to File
  • Message Data Byte Index Display
  • Hex/Decimal/Binary/ASCII/Comma-Delimited Data Display
  • Includes our I2C Bus Monitor (#MIIC-101) and Analyzer Software.
  • PC-based I2C Bus and Derived Portocol Troubleshooting Tool.
  • Capture, Filter, Format, and Display Real-Time or Pre-Recorded Bus Messages.
  • Log I2C Bus Traffic for later Analysis or Display.
  • Monitor any Combination of 7-bit I2C Slave Addresses.
  • Displays Start/Stop Events, Device Addresses, Read/Write Requests, Acknowledgments, and Data.
  • Display Message Start Time from 1st, Last, or current Data and Time.
  • Supports Hex, Dec, Bin, ASCII, Comma-Delimited, or Smart Battery System Data.
  • Dump previously recorded messages from the I2C Bus Monitor.
I2C Bus/SMBus Monitor User's Guide (PDF)

The I2C Bus Monitor with Analyzer Software Kit includes our MIIC-101 Bus Monitor and analyzer software. Together they provide the tools you need to tackle almost any I2C Bus problem.

System Requirements

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