RS-232 to I2C Host Adapter
with ASCII Interface

iPort/AI brings I2C directly to any computer with an RS-232 serial port. Just plug iPort/AI into your computer's serial port, and you will be sending and receiving I2C messages in seconds.

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User's Guide (PDF)
I2C Bus is the Inter-Integrated Circuit serial bus developed by Philips Semiconductor for inter-IC communications. Now, this highly efficient and cost effective communications link is being adopted by leading technology companies worldwide for chip, board, and system level communications.

An I2C Bus network can support up to 127 Master or Slave devices with a 2-wire serial interface. I2C devices can be as simple as RAM, EEPROM, or I/O devices, or have the full-blown processing power of an embedded microcontroller or microprocessor.

Master, Slave, Transmit, Receive. iPort/AI supports I2C message modes including Multi-Master, Arbitration Detection, and messages from 1 to 32K bytes in length.

Start sending I2C messages in minutes using our Message Manager or Message Center applications included with each adapter. You can also use your computer's terminal emulation software (like Windows' Hyperterminal Program), or create your own custom I2C applications using any programming tool that can access your computer's serial port.

ASCII Text Interface Commands
Command Description
//[CR] Status Display
Display iPort/AI status information. 
Note: [CR] = Carriage Return Code or Enter Key.
/E[0|1][CR] Echo/Prompt Control [0 = Off, 1 = On]
Enable/Disable data entry echo and prompts.
/F[0|1][CR] Flow Control [0 = XON/XOFF, 1 = RTS/CTS]
Select serial communication handshaking protocol.
/C[CR] Close I2C Connection
Disconnect from the I2C Bus.
/Dxx[CR] Set Destination I2C Slave Address
Set the destination I2C Slave Address for subsequent Master Transmit or Receive operations.
/G[0|1][CR] I2C General Call Control [0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled]
Enables/Disables iPort/AI response to I2C Bus General Call (00) messages.
/H[0|1][CR] Hex Only Display Control [0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled]
Controls display format of received message data.
/Ixx[CR] Set iPort/AIís Own I2C Slave Address
Sets iPort/AI's own I2C Slave Address. iPort/AI will respond to I2C Bus messages sent to this address.
/M[CR] Command Menu Display
Display iPort/AI's Command Menu
/O[CR] Open I2C Connection
Activates iPort/AI as an I2C device attached to the bus.
/*Rnnnn[CR] Master Read Message
Read the specified number of data bytes from the current Destination I2C Slave device. * = No Stop for Repeated Start (requires firmware V2.00+)
/Stext[CR] Slave Transmit Message
Write the specified data bytes to a requesting I2C Master Receiver device.
/*Ttext[CR] Master Transmit Message
Master Transmit the specified data bytes to the current Destination I2C Slave device. * = No Stop for Repeated Start (requires firmware V2.00+)


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