MCC FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
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General FAQs
WEEE and RoHS Compliance
I2C Bus Cables and Connector
What is a Small Area Network?
What is the difference between I2C Bus and SMBus?
Is there a standard I2C connector?
Working with 3.3V I2C.
What is an Open-Collector/Open-Drain Circuit?
iPack Stackable Board Format.
MCC product Operating System compatibility.
Environmental Specifications
Declarations of Conformity
MCC Conflict Minerals Status

I2C Host Adapter FAQs
How to roll-back the USB Virtual ComPort (VCP) Driver.
Using Linux In-Kernel Driver for MCC I2C Bus Host Adapters.
Which I2C Host Adapter is right for me?
Which version (3.3V or 5V) of the i2cStick should I use?
Using MCC I2C Bus Adapters in SMBus Applications.
How can I write a simple C program to control an iPort?
How can I use an iPort to access an Atmel AT24C01 EEPROM?
How can I write a MS VC++ Console Application to control an iPort ?
Accessing an I2C Memory Device.
Reading EEPROM data with the iPort/AI
Connecting iPort to a Smart Battery.
Accessing a Xicor "Two Wire" Interface
How can I Access the Atmel AT24c164.
What controls the I2C clock rate?
iPort/AI Communication Problem.

I2C Bus Monitor FAQs
Which I2C Bus Monitor is right for me?
How do I decode the I2C/SMBus Monitor (#MIIC-101) Log File?

I2C Bus Multiplexer Cabinet FAQs
How do I change the I2C Multiplexer Cabinet AC Line Voltage?

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