iBurnerTM I2C Bus EEPROM Database

This list includes device definitions in the iBurner standard I2C Bus EEPROM database. iBurner includes tools to edit, add, import, or export EEPROM device definitions. Help us keep our database up-to-date. Send suggestions to our support team.
Manufacturer: Device:
Atmel AT24C02, AT24C11, AT24C04, AT24C128, AT24C256, AT24C512, AT24C1024, AT24C16, AT24C21, AT24C32, AT24C64, AT24C08, AT24C01
Microchip 24AA00, 24LC00, 24C00, 24AA01, 24LC01B, 24AA014, 24LC014, 24C01C, 24LC21A, 24LCS21A, 24AA02, 24LC02B, 24AA024, 24LC024, 24AA025, 24LC025, 24C02C, 24LC22A, 24LCS22A, 24AA04, 24LC04B, 24AA08, 24LC08B, 24AA16, 24LC16B, 24AA32A, 24LC32A, 24AA64, 24LC64, 24AA65, 24LC65, 24C65, 24FC128, 24LC128, 24AA256, 24LC256, 24FC256, 24AA512, 24LC512, 24FC512, 24AA515*, 24LC515*, 24FC515*, 24AA128

* Please note that due to their non-sequential memory bank arrangement, the 24AA515, 24LC515, and 24FC515 require a two-chip (lower 32KB/upper 32KB) workaround.

NXP/Philips PCF8570, PCA8581, PCA8581C, PCF8582C-2, PCF85103C-2, PCF85102C-2, PCF8594C-2, PCF8598C-2, PCF85116-3
Rohm BR24L64, BR24L01, BR24L02, BR24L04, BR24L08, BR24L16, BR24L32
Fairchild NM24C02/03, NM24C04/05, NM24C08/09, NM24C16/17
ST Microelectronics M24C01, M24C02, M24C04, M24C08, M24C16, M24C32, 24C64, M24C128
Catalyst Semiconductor CAT24C01, CAT24C02, CAT24C04, CAT24C03, CAT24C05, CAT24C08, CAT24C16, CAT24C128, CAT24C32, CAT24C64, CAT24C256

Semiconductor Manufacturers: If your I2C Bus EEPROM device is not in our iBurner database, contact our support team now.