iPort Utility Pack V4.1
Upgrade Adds iPort/AI Support

Are you currently using our iPort (#MIIC-201) or iPort/AI (#MIIC-202) I2C Bus host adapters? If so, then you may want to download this latest version of our iPort Utlity Pack V4.1 Software. The enhancements / features / corrections we have added to this product include:

Enhancement: New Support for the iPort/AI (#MIIC-202) I2C Bus Host Adapter

If you have been using our iPort/AI host adapter, you have been waiting for this. Our iPort Utility Pack software that includes our Message Center and Message Manager utility programs have now entered the 32-bit Windows world and support both our iPort and iPort/AI. With the release of V4.1, users of our iPort/AI host adapters can use these handy utility programs to communicate with I2C Bus devices with ease.

Update Distribution/Licensing:

This copyrighted product update is offered free of charge to current users of the iPort (#MIIC-201) and iPort/AI (#MIIC-202) I2C Bus host adapters. Its use is covered by the MCC license agreement provided at the original time of purchase.

Update Installation Instructions:

  1. Click to download the .ZIP file indicated below.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, storing the files in a temporary folder.
  3. Run "Setup.exe" to install the utility pack
  4. From the Start menu, run either the Message Center or Mesage Manager.
  5. Click the QuickStart button for program operation information.
Download iPutil4_1.ZIP Now!