I2C Bus and SMBus 
Voltage Level Translator
Part Number: #IVOLT
iVoLT I2C Bus Voltage Level Translator
iVoLTTM (pronounced “i-volt”), is an I2C Voltage Level Translator module that gives system developers and test engineers a bridge to low voltage I2C and SMBus devices operating down to 1.5 volts.

NOTE: If you are working with low-voltage I2C Bus, you may be interested in our iPort/USB 2 I2C Bus host adapter with Circuit Sense.

As portable device developers strive to reduce power budgets, they must deal with devices and interconnect buses operating at low voltages. Since I2C plays a big part in multi-media consumer products, it is only natural that low voltage devices are using I2C for its cost, space, and power saving features.

The iVoLT is an I2C Bus voltage translator module, designed to interface standard I2C and SMBus devices operating at different voltage levels. Based on Gunning Transceiver Logic-Transceiver voltage clamps, the iVoLT translates I2C Bus high voltage (3.3 V to 5 V) Clock, Data, and /INT signals to I2C Bus low voltage (at least 1 Volt below high side) signals. Supporting bi-directional I2C Bus voltage level translation, the iVoLT provides voltage translation between buses operating at up to 400 kHz.

  • Bi-directional I2C Bus voltage translator.
  • Inserts In-Line between I2C devices.
  • Supports SCL, SDA, and Interrupt signals.
  • 5 Volt maximum high-side voltage.
  • 1 Volt minimum differential voltage requirement.
  • Compatible with bus speeds up to 400 kHz.
  • Plug -Compatible with MCC I2C Bus CAB Connector Products.

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