Micro Computer Control Corporation

iPort Configuration Instructions


The MCC iPort (#MIIC-201) RS-232 to I2C Host Adapter, when used in conjunction with the MCC I2C Host Adapter Dynamic Linked Library (DLL) and appropriate application software, allows a PC to become an I2C Master or Slave device, transmitting or receiving I2C messages between the PC and one or more I2C devices across an I2C Bus.

Packing Slip

This kit includes the following items:


The iPort Host Adapter includes three interconnections:

1. DB-25F RS-232 Connector

This connector provides connection to the serial port on the PC. MCC offers an optional 12 inch DB-9F to DB-25M adapter cable. Call MCC for availability.

2. +5VDC Power Jack

The iPort Host Adapter can be powered in one of two ways, from the power jack, or from the I2C interface connector. If the unit is powered from the provided +5VDC Wall Power Supply, approximately 250ma of +5VDC is available at the I2C interface connector to power external devices. iPort units can be purchased in OEM quanities without the +5VDC supply. Call MCC for availability and pricing.

3. I2C Interface Connector

The iPort Host Adapter includes a four wire, positive locking, modular connector (Molex Part#15-83-0064 Socket, #15-83-1564 Plug) for interfacing to an external I2C Bus. Lines provided include I2C Clock (SCL), Data (SDA), Ground, and +5VDC. An I2C Interface Cable (White=SCL, Red=+5VDC, Green=SDC, Black=Ground) is provided to connect to a external I2C Bus. Standard two connector four foot long interface cables are also available. Contact MCC for other cable configurations.


The iPort Host Adapter includes a slide switch for enabling/disabling I2C Bus Pull-Up resistors. Every I2C Bus system must have at least one Pull-Up on the SCL and SDA lines. Use this switch to configure the iPort appropriately for your system.