iPort/USB Driver (V1.0.0) for Linux
I2C for Linux I2C Bus Software for Master Write and Read Operations

Need to communicate with an I2C Bus slave device from Linux using USB? iPort/USB Driver for Linux, our free iPort/USB driver for Linux systems, makes communicating with a slave device quick and easy.


  • Includes Pre-Compiled drivers for many popular distribution/kernel combinations.
  • Includes source code for creating custom installations.
  • Supports MCC iPort/USB (#MIIC-204) ASCII interface I2C Bus host adapter.
  • Works with our iPort Message Center for Linux utility.
Here are some corrections and features we have added to this product:

Update V1.0.0 Corrections:

  • None.
Update V1.0.0 New Features Include:
  • Initial release.
Update Distribution/Licensing:
    This copyrighted product update is offered free of charge to users of MCC ASCII interface I2C Bus host adapters. Its use is covered by the MCC End User License Agreement (MCC EULA).
Update Download and Installation Instructions:
  1. Click below to download and save the TAR file into a new installation folder on your Linux based PC.
  2. See the iPort/USB Driver for Linux Installation Guide for downloading, installation, and loading instructions.
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