I2C Bus Mini Interface

I2C Bus Mini Interface

The I2C Bus Mini Interface is MCC’s low profile I2C Bus connector. This connector includes a five wire (1x5) 2.54 mm (.100"), positive locking, shrouded header receptacle connector for interfacing to an external I2C Bus circuit. Standard interface lines include I2C Bus Clock (SCL), Data (SDA), Ground (GND), and Voltage/Power (+V). One additional line is device dependent.

iPort/USB 2 Mini Interface Connector


Molex C-Grid® SL™ 70553 Header
Molex Part # 70553-0004

Molex C-Grid® SL™ 70066 Crimp Housing
Molex Part # 50-57-9405

Molex C-Grid® SL™ 70058 Crimp Terminal
Molex Part # 16-02-0102

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