I2C Bus Cables and Connector

This document describes the I2C Bus connector used on many MCC products.

The I2C Bus Specification does not specify a standard connector. I2C is primarily used to connect chips on a printed circuit board, so no connector is used in the circuit. When connecting an MCC I2C Bus product to a target system, you have several options:

  1. Cut off one end of our I2C Bus Cable (#CABSnR) and add a connector compatible with your target system. I2C Clock (White), Data (Green), Ground (Black),  +5 VDC Optional (Red).
  2. Use our I2C Clip Lead Cable (#CABCL) to connect to your target system.
  3. Add a matching MCC I2C Bus Connector (#417612061) to your target system.
Many of our customers have been asking us about the I2C Bus connector we use on many of our products. These customers want to design this connector into their systems. This document describes this connector and provides information on its pinout and source.

MCC offers a variety of I2C Bus based products. These products include our I2C Bus monitors, host adapters, and iPack I2C Bus Cards. To provide a standard way to connect these products, we use the Tyco Electronics P/N: 4-1761206-1 (Lead-free replacement for Molex 15830064) receptacle connector. This high quality locking connector includes four (4) lines used for I2C Clock (SCL) and I2C Data (SDA), Ground (GND), and +5 VDC. The +5VDC line is not required for I2C, but provides an optional way to power attached I2C devices.

Tyco/AMP 4-1761206-1
Receptacle Connector

Cable Drawing

Cable Drawing

P.C.B. Layout
For the recommended P.C.B. layout, see Tyco/AMP 4-1761206-1 online documents (http://www.amp.com).

Connector Sources
This connector is available through most Tyco/AMP distributors. Contact Tyco/AMP at "http://www.amp.com" and request a list of distributors in your area. MCC can supply limited quantities on special order.

Cable Sources
MCC has available 4 foot and 8 foot compatible cables (Part# CABSnR). Contact our sales department for details.