RS-232 to I2C Host Adapter 
with ASCII Fast Mode Interface
iPort/AFM 2TM

iPort/AFM 2 brings I2C directly to any computer with an RS-232 serial port. Just plug an iPort/AFM 2 into your computer's legacy or add-on serial port, load our free software, and you will be sending and receiving I2C Bus messages at up to 400Kbit/s in seconds. This second-generation iPort/AFM doubles the I2C Bus data throughput, and adds our 0.5v to 5v Circuit Sense bus voltage sensing technology.

Which I2C Adapter is right for me.

  • Turn ANY Computer's legacy or add-on RS-232 Serial Port into an I2C Bus Port.
  • Supports 7-bit addressing Standard (100k) and Fast (400k) Mode I2C Bus Activity.
  • High Performance Processor Increases Throughput (2x+).
  • Circuit Sense, Low Voltage Sensing Circuit.
  • I2C Bus Mini Interface.
  • Powered via I2C Bus or External +5VDC Power Supply.
  • Built-in ESD, Over-voltage, and Reverse-voltage Protection.
  • Switch Controlled Properties:
    • I2C Bus +5V Power Source, or Voltage Sense (0.5v to 5v, Enable or Disable) 
    • I2C Bus Pull-Ups (1.8K ohm, Enable or Disable)
  • Software Controlled Properties:
    • I2C Bus Master Clock Rates:
      • 23KHz
      • 86KHz
      • 100KHz (Standard Mode)
      • 400KHz (Fast Mode)
    • I2C Bus General Call Enable
    • I2C Bus Time-Out (0-32K ms)
    • I2C Bus Interrupt Signal Control (Assert, Release, Monitor)
    • Host Communication Flow Control (XON/XOFF or RTS/CTS)
    • User Interface Echo/Prompt Enable
    • User Data Format (HEX or ASCII/HEX)
    • Serial Port Baud Rate 19,200, 57,600, and 115,200
  • Supported I2C Bus Activities:
    • Master and Slave Functions
    • Transmit, Receive, and Tx/Rx Data Functions
    • Multi-Master Arbitration Loss Detection
    • Clock-stretch Detection
    • Bus Time-Out Detection
    • Interrupt Signal Generation and Detection
    • 7-bit Slave Address Generation and Detection
    • Up to 32K data bytes in a single message
    • SMBus Packet Error Detection
    • eXtended Commands for 2-Wire, "I2C-Like" Low-level SCL/SDA Signal Control
  • Software Support:
    • Application Software:
      • Windows:
        • Master or Slave Tx and Rx with iPort Utility Pack Software
        • Program I2C Bus EEPROMs with iBurner EEPROM Programming Software
      • Linux:
        • Master Tx and Rx with Message Center for Linux
      • Mac OSX:
        • (Comming Soon)
    • Software Development Tools:
      • Windows:
        • Develop Custom VB/C#/C++/LabVIEW Apps with Microsoft .NET Class Library
        • Develop Custom LabVIEW Apps with LabVIEW VI Library
        • Develop Custom Apps with ASCII Text Command Interface
      • Linux:
        • Sample Master Tx/Rx Console Project
        • Sample Master/Slave Tx/Rx Console Project
        • Develop Custom Apps with ASCII Text Command Interface
      • Mac OSX:
        • Develop Custom Apps with ASCII Text Command Interface
  • Compatible with existing MCC ASCII-text based I2C Bus adapter applications.
  • US-FCC and EUR-CE EMC Certified.
  • RoHS/Lead-Free Compliant.

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Included Parts List:
  • iPort/AFM 2 I2C Bus Host Adapter
  • iPort/AFM 2 Mini Clip Lead Cable (5-wire, 1 ft.)
  • DB-25 to DB-9 Serial Port Adapter Cable
  • Global Power Supply (100-240V, 50-60Hz)
  • iPort/AFM 2 Quick Start Guide
  • iPort I2C Utility Pack for Windows (Download)
  • User's Guide ( Download )
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